Allflex development timeline


First production of a ski plate, made from INOX material.


Improved version of ski plate, made from Aluminum (SI patent 20309 A “Conjunction of ski or snowboard plate and binding for ski boot”).


New version of ski plate that enabled free bending. New patent claim has not yet been available.


Patented current version of the ALLFLEX platform – patent Sitar F (2008): “Platform for mounting a ski binding on a ski.” European Patent Office, EP2285457, PCT/SI2008/000068, E.P. Office.


Simplified execution of free bend and anti-vibration.


A solution for simplified version with double elements for snowboard.


New ways of emptying due to improved torsion and flex.


Granting of a patent in Slovenia based on claim nr. 201500112. Patent is registered under nr. 24990. “Apparatus for damping deformities of ski bending.”


Improved emptying solutions due to better torsion strength and testing of split plates with springs.


Split plate with springs. Filed for Slovenian patent.


International registration of plate with springs, March 14, 2018:pct/si2018/000005 »Platform for mounting ski bindings onto a ski or snowboard«.